The general overview of OpenVPN Mac download

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What do you know about OpenVPN? The point is that this is a standard software and we can’t call it a VPN provider. This is a specific tool with its own code that connects the VPN server on your device. You have probably heard or even used already a VPN system. Currently, it is very popular. If you could imagine a tunnel in front of your eyes that unites two cities, this is exactly the principle of VPN. Such software helps you in a safe connection to the network.

How to install OpenVPN on Mac step by step

If you want to have OpenVPN on Macbook you should install additional tool Tunnelblick. This VPN additional tool is free. Visit the official web page and download it from there. It looks like that.

When you are ready with the download process from the web site, the second step is to start the VPN installation and click twice on an image, that appears. Next, the security system will ask your permission to open the application, press OK. 

After that, they will ask to provide user name and password, you have to fill up these fields and go further. In the next stage, you have to check the mailbox and find files with the “.ovpn” extension and move them to the app to the upper field. Picture below.

The configuration must be applied only “For me”, also tick the point “apply for everything”.

Again you will be asked to write a user name and password. Do it and confirm. Now you can join a VPN, press on the app icon, and choose server you want to connect to. You will see a small window with the notification about successful connection, when you want to disconnect a VPN, click “disconnect” and you are done. 

How to uninstall OpenVPN on Mac

If you decide to uninstall the OpenVPN forever from the system, you are able to do it. Go to the “Finder” and search for this app. When you find it, move to trash. Another way is to open the “Launchpad” and hold the icons, after that press the “X” on a certain icon and it will be deleted.

No, worries, if you download something it is also possible to delete. 

OpenVPN connect client Mac

Due to the encrypting system that OpenVPN client makes, your personal data is getting not interesting for the web hunters because they receive only weird code that they are not able to use. This is not about public Wi-Fi only, it is also a helpful tool in your business, and for your home network. Having a VPN client, you get a kind of insurance that nobody steals important ideas from your laptop.