You can trust or not but we must warn you that the VPN server is not only for your private life. It is the best tool for business, for example, when the team is working remotely but you don’t want to lose and spread all company’s business tricks. Here comes a Private Network. It is a special gateway that connects your Mac with a world net, it encrypts data and in the end, nobody can understand its code and use it against you. However, there are at least 5 more reasons why you need a Private Network on Mac in 2020. 

  1. You watch Youtube with high speed
  2. A great chance to watch streaming video
  3. Nobody can spy you and listen to your private conversations
  4. Possibility to open restricted pages in your country (yes, sometimes government blocks some web sites)
  5. Safe connection to public Wi-Fi

These are only a few reasons why it would be cool to have a such software on your Mac. Where to find the best service? There are so many companies that provide such tools but remember it just seems to be the same but in reality, all providers are different. The first tip, try to avoid free versions, it might happen that you give them all your data and then they sell it to somebody. The average price is around 5$ per month, so it is not a huge amount of money, but you receive many interesting features.


Who is a VPN leader in a market in 2020?

We are ready to introduce you the best 9 services for Mac with both pluses and minuses:


Name +
Clario VPN, antivirus, anti-spy program  Too fresh, no price
ExpressVPN Fast, goes with Netflix Expensive
Express VPN down Connects 90 countries, fast, goes in China, many servers No ads blocking option, price 
Betternet Easy in use, a free version Low speed, not reliable
Avira phantom DNS protection, simple design, good price Personal data protection under the USA
Open VPN Powerful encrypting system Low speed
Nord VPN Cybersecurity button, high speed, powerful encryption Price
Open VPN down Good product Price, speed
Nord VPN down Good quality service Price


You would probably ask: “Is it possible to choose one?” Sure, the point is that you have to find out all the positive and negative sides. We want to help you with your difficult choice. All of these services are different but the main feature is in powerful encrypting, it allows you to stay anonymous on a net and change your IP-address when you want. The great bonus is the ability to connect several gadgets simultaneously, the Smart DNS is also important. When you are thinking over which VPN to choose, you should have an accurate picture of your online actions, also you should check, in which regions they have servers. Perhaps you need Germany, but this country is not on the list of the chosen service. The next important point is customer support, make sure that you can reach them 24/7 and get a quick response. Choose a service that is simple in use and it doesn’t require additional registration and personal details. Some services are running only on Windows, so you have to learn this information. Read carefully reviews about each company and the servers that they own.


The best VPN server MacOS X according to the users poll

If you know what you are looking for, it will be much easier to find the best option. According to the users’ votes, the perfect and the best choice might be Express VPN for Mac. This is a useful tool, in case you love watching films on Netflix or HBO. So, now you have no limits, you shouldn’t wait until the new movie is uploaded on the net. Moreover, the high speed will really impress you and meet all expectations. Such service doesn’t keep the history of your views, you can get a consultation 24/7. AES – 256 algorithms will ensure your online surfing. If you need immediate disconnection, DNS will do it. Be everywhere in a real-time and do not worry about your privacy. Express brand might be more expensive compared to other providers. Nevertheless, if you are disappointed with its work, you will be able to request a full refund. Before you book a tariff plan, read the description as some plans include too many additional features that you don’t need in your routine tasks. Write down your wish list with all preferences and follow it, while choosing the best service for your Mac.